Some FAQ’s to get started

How do I catch a tiger fish?

With a great deal of difficulty! Tiger fish are probably the most aggressive freshwater game fish around! they have huge razor sharp interlocking teeth (no gaps) The jaws of a tiger fish are very bony with very little flesh and hook ups are difficult!

The jaws of a tiger fish are very strong and sometimes when striking, will hold the lure in its mouth as if trapped in a cage and on the first jump, open its mouth and  and shake the lure out and because its under tension it will fly back at you!

If you manage to land 50% of your strikes, you will be doing very well indeed!

When you do catch one (which I am sure you will) Take a Photo and put it back as quickly as you can.

we at TFT online are staunch supporters of “CATCH and RELEASE”

 Should I use a wire trace?

Without question, if you want to land that trophy tiger, a wire trace is a must!

there are many types of wire that can be used. Piano wire is quite good and probably the cheapest option, it is relatively easy to work with. Nylon coated steel wire is another option,

The problem with this type of wire, is that after a while and maybe a few tiger strikes, the trace starts resembling a corkscrew and your presentation of the lure is terrible and you will constantly be changing the leader to ensure that your lure swims properly. you certainly don’t want to be doing this when you get into a bait ball tiger frenzy!!!

In this store you will find Knot2Kinky  stretch titanium steel wire, although more expensive,  this wire will stay straight all day!

Knot2kinky Titanium wire has 10 to 15% stretch and you can tie knots with it. Check out our video section, where George from Tiger lures ties a figure of 8 knot  more….




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